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13th-Feb-2008 08:28 pm
Testing...testing...is this thing on?... How to start... well.. have to indulge in some research... I'll be back....Okay, okay.. the opening page is yelling at me that I haven't made a post yet....  WELL HERE IT IS... JEEZ....  Here's my first post...however lame it be.  This may be an empty threat.. but going to get going on some writing.  And unfortunately I'll have to subject someone to it.. and it might be you!!!!
14th-Feb-2008 06:39 am (UTC)
Well, looks like you've amassed quite the collection of icons. Go to my userinfo page and look at my list of communities. mckay_sheppard is a good one, sga_noticeboard (not sure I'm spelling them right) atlantis_slash, sga_flashfic, etc. Look at the sites of the folks I've friended; most of them are cool about being friended, not all will friend back, like cesperanza (Written by the Victors) who just gets too much traffic, but she'll eventually respond to everyone who comments on her posts. That's how I put together my list, by looking at other people's. My jury is out on the torchwood communities I'm on...lots of good icons, once in a while a good story. wired lizard writes good torchwood, madmogs, and szm off the top of my head...just look around.
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