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23rd-Feb-2008 11:35 pm - Truthfully...
If anything, I have more ideas than I know what to do with.  You ever feel like your head is going to explode if you don't write it down quick enough?

Well, I'm trying new ways of organizing my thoughts and reading Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg.  There's got to be a way of getting this stuff out of my head in an intelligible way.
23rd-Feb-2008 11:24 pm - All...
So there's a story I'm working on.  I have a working title... called "All in the name of sanity".  Unfortunately it's becoming more than just one story.  I don't know if I can work them together or if I'll need to separate them.  Hopefully it'll come to me as I keep writing.

I've also written two fan-fics:  one Torchwood and one SGA.  I have to find out how to fix them properly before I post as to avoid the wrath of the live-journal police.  I know it's supposed to be posted a certain way and far be it from me to be banished before I can really start writing. 

Well, I'm off to continue watching Dr. Who.  Missed tonight's episode of Torchwood.  Will have to pray to the god's of On-Demand on Monday when it's posted to Television/BBC America/Torchwood. 

I think I'll also try to keep writing.  It's not like I haven't seen this episode a million times.  Funny enough it's the episode with Eve Myles playing Gwyneth...
13th-Feb-2008 08:28 pm - Fine!!!
Testing...testing...is this thing on?... How to start... well.. have to indulge in some research... I'll be back....Okay, okay.. the opening page is yelling at me that I haven't made a post yet....  WELL HERE IT IS... JEEZ....  Here's my first post...however lame it be.  This may be an empty threat.. but going to get going on some writing.  And unfortunately I'll have to subject someone to it.. and it might be you!!!!
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